MTN710-XL-4RJ PCIe v3.0 x8 10 Gigabit Quad Copper Port Ethernet Server Adapter (based on Intel XL710)

MTN710-XL-4RJ is a PCIe x8 10Gbps Quad Port Ethernet Copper Network Card based on Intel XL710 chipset, independently developed by MABLETECH TECHNOLOGY INC. and compatible with x16 lanes. The sever adapter, based on the Intel XL710 controller, is compatible with the existing network infrastructure and it will conveniently migrate the existing 100Mb/s and 1GbE networks to 10GbE. It can also link auto-negotiation among the rate of 100Mbps, 1GbE and 10GbE, which meets the most customers’ demanding of smooth transition and ease of migration to 10GbE.